Q. Why should I choose Swallowtail Green Cleaning?

A. Swallowtail is a trusted service that has been established since 2010. It is incorporated in the state of Georgia and operates under Department of Labor laws. It carries three types of insurance, protecting clients, employees and the company. All the employees are screened by the owners, background checked and trained in green cleaning techniques. You are protected in the event of an accident and or injury in your home.

Q. Does Swallowtail provide all the products and equipment to clean?

A. Yes, they provide all fresh clean microfibers, cleaning tools and cleaning solutions. The products will not harm any surface in your home and our vacuums ensure that we remove the highest percentage of allergens in your home. It is a great savings to our clients not to purchase expensive green cleaning supplies.

Q. Do I need to be at home when Swallowtail cleaners are in my home?

A. No, many of our clients have busy schedules and or work outside the home. The cleaning techs are very competent to handle gate codes, security codes and basic key locking and unlocking of any home. If someone is at home, of course it is not a problem.

Q. How will the Cleaning Techs get in my home?

A. You can provide us with the garage and or security codes to enter your home

You can have a key made for Swallowtail and it will be kept in a secure lockbox in the office. The key will be given to the team on the day of your cleaning and returned at the end of the day.

You can leave the key under the door mat or leave the house unlocked.

Q. Will the Cleaning Techs be able to communicate with me once they come to my home?

A. Yes, understanding and speaking English is a requirement for all our Swallowtail team members.

Q. I have pets and they will not be locked in a room, is that a problem?

No, any friendly pet is a welcome addition. We strive to understand the routine of your pets and will be happy to place specific instructions on your work order on how to work with them while we are in your home.

Q. Will the same team of Cleaning Techs come to my house each visit?

A. We strive to do this for every client. The same team will not be guaranteed to be assigned to your home, however we do our best to assign one team member to your account and make every effort for one person who is familiar with your home to be present.

Q. What time should I plan on the Cleaning Techs to arrive?

A. 1.  You will be sent an email “reminder” prior to each cleaning visit. The reminder states the time slot and date of your cleaning. It also has friendly reminders about preparing for the visit.

2.  You will be given a window of time for an AM or PM appointment. Each client is important and we stay to finish your job or the one before you. Most of our clients have busy lives or work outside the home and you will receive a phone call letting them know we are on our way. This lets you know…even though you are at work or running errands, that we are in-route to your home and will be cleaning on your scheduled day.

Q.  Is there anything I should do to prepare for my cleaning?

A.  If you’d like to help us be more efficient, feel free to pick up any clutter such as dirty clothing, toys, paperwork, etc. prior to our arrival. Also, a list will be on your email reminder note.

Q.  What is your cancellation policy?

A.  In order to maintain efficiency and in consideration of our employees’ schedules, we require 48 hours notice for all cancellations. Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time are subject to a $50.00 cancellation charge. If we do not receive notice of a cancellation or if we are unable to gain access to your home, we reserve the right to charge $100 and or the full amount of the scheduled cleaning.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

A.  We accept cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Payment is due at the time of service. You simply let the Cleaning Techs know the form of payment and they will take the check or note that we are to use the credit card on file for your payment.

Q.  What is your policy concerning gratuities?

A.  Our Cleaning techs take pride in their work and provide top quality service out of respect for their company and our clients.  Although gratuities are certainly appreciated, they are not required or expected. Any gratuities may be given directly to your Butterfly technician(s) or included in your payment.